Experimenting with JackFruit, Taco-Style

I have seen pictures on various blogs for ages now using jackfruit as this new alternative to pulled pork. I made the mistake of buying a full jackfruit from the store, but failed at being able to cook that. Then I found most recipes called for getting canned (as long as it is in water or brine, NOT syrup). I got two cans of it from the local Asian store and was SUPER thrilled with the turn out.


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Vegan Pretzel Cupcakes

Sorry friends, no recipe here, but wanted to share the picture of these delicious and super sweet chocolate pretzel cupcakes I made. The ones with the brown on them have a caramel topping, but that didn’t work out as well as I would have liked (the vegan version was super hard instead of chewy). I liked them but am not going to make them again so no recipe today. IMG_6008

Vegan Twice Baked Potatoes

These two recipes were super fun for me. You see, my boyfriend the Veganaut is also a vegan, but growing up one of his comfort foods was twice baked potatoes. He has tried to replicate them a couple times and been unhappy with the result, so I agreed to try my hand at a couple different versions. While it was not what he remembered as a child, it was certainly delicious, and we will be fine tuning the recipe in the future.

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