Banana Cream Pie

It’s a tradition that my husband and I get each other whatever dessert we request for our birthday. Usually that means my husband goes out and buys something for me, which is ok, but for him I try to make it myself. This year he told me a story about when he was in the army (before being vegan) he had a banana cream pie that he remembers being delicious and asked me to make that. Challenge accepted.

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Birthday Meals

The Veganuat bought me a vanilla cake from Planty Sweets in town, one of the best vegan cakes I’ve had yet! (I know, super simple/boring, but I don’t like much other than vanilla and frosting on my cakes).

The nachos were my creation. I had two giant slabs of vegan rib eye steak from herbivorous butcher that I chopped up and made this recipe with:

Super easy to veganize. Use vegan cheese and the vegan steak and that’s all!