Still Working on the Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

I think I have tried at least a half a dozen pad thai recipes, some already vegan, some that I modified to be vegan. Sadly none replicate the dish as I remember it from Asian restaurants. But I made this recipe last week, and while it is not restaurant worthy pad thai it was tasty.

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Brussels Sprouts and Chick’n Pasta Casserole

Gotta love Brussels sprouts. They are delish. So this recipe was one of those recipes that made a massive amount of food with the purpose of having lots of leftovers for my 6 day work week. Feel free to half this recipe to make it more reasonable.

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Chantarelle Mushrooms? Never Heard of Them: Why Not?!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh Whole Foods. You have been responsible for so many impulse buys over the years, especially among hungry vegans. And that was the case this week. I do the majority of my shopping at Trader Joe’s, but for those last couple specialty items like various vegan cheeses or fake meats I have to head across the street to the expensive Whole Foods to get those items. And being a mushroom-addict this week was one of those times when I walked in and had to buy the item on sale in the front of the produce section: chantarelle mushrooms. Never heard of them before, but they looked unique so I though I would give them a try. Made a tasty and simple, comforting pasta with them.

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My Favorite Vegan French Toast Recipe Yet!

You all know how much I love veganizing things, but certain foods are tougher than others. There are hundreds of vegan french toast recipes out there so you would think I would have many to chose from, but in all honesty this is a difficult dish for me to perfect in my eyes. Why? This was the food my grandmother made when I was a girl that went over to her house for sleepovers. I LOVED her french toast, made with eggs and milk, and sprinkled with sugar. And as I experiment with vegan french toast recipes so far everything has fallen flat in comparison. But this recipe was probably my favorite thus far so I will have to try it again.

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Vegan Nachos and More!


Lots of recipes coming your way this week. The first is super simple: vegan nachos! This one I layered. First I placed a layer of white corn tortilla chips on a plate. Next I put a layer of TJs vegan chick’n strips on top of this. Then I squeezed a bunch of teeze nacho cheese on top as this, as well as a sprinkling of daiya mozzarella. Then I topped this with another layer of tortilla chips, this time blue. I topped these with daiya mozzarella. In the microwave they went for 90 seconds. Once out I topped that with guacamole and salsa. Super easy and tasty. I made two plates, one for me, one for the Veganaut, alternating the order of tortilla colored chips.