Chipotle Chick’n Salad

I’ve never been much of a salad person, but sometimes they can really hit the spot. This one was super simple as I just arranged a bunch of remade stuff together:

Bake some vegan garden lime chipotle chicken wings

slice a package of cherry tomatoes in half.

Buy some pre made vegan corn salsa.

Top all those ingredients as well as vegan ranch on top of a bunch of greens!IMG_7036C

Vegan Breakfast Bowls

Sorry I’ve been away for a month- we’ve been on vacation and work has been crazy, but I have a bunch of recipes to get out to you all that I tried in the last month, so let’s get started.

This was quite an epic dish: saw this video on Facebook recently and decided to try to make it vegan, and it worked out great! The only down side to this dish is that it was too much food!!! It’s a better brunch than breakfast since it is enough food for a very large meal.

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