A Totally New Creation: Chiquile-Teles

This one was delicious, super proud of it! And it’s got a funny story to go with it. The veganaut and I went to a Mexican restaurant with a great vegan menu a couple weeks ago and he ordered a dish called chilaquiles. I had never heard of the dish before, all full of pita chips and tofu, and was intrigued. I decided to make my own version, though every time I recalled the name I remembered it wrong, and I made up my own name for it again and again- I kept asking the veganat “what’s that meal you had again, chiquile-teles?” and so it became known as chiquile-teles when I finally made this meal.

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Vegan Breakfast Pockets

Hey folks, thanks for all the great recent feedback. I am sadly working a ton these next 3 weeks. I will try to  post a couple recipes in the next couple days to make up for some past ones I have yet to publish, but sadly I will be eating a lot of leftovers in the next month. I promise to be back once I have some more time off work to cook!

Today I have a recipe using the newly found “accidentally” vegan crescent rolls, I made this super easy and tasty breakfast pockets for the week with them!

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