Simple Recipe Week Day 3: Vegan Fish Tacos

This was another simple one thanks to Gardein’s fish cutlets.

For the taco:IMG_9330 IMG_9331

Pre-make some Gardein fish cutlets.

Bake a drained can of Cannelli Beans at 400 for 5 minutes.

On the bottom of the tortilla wrap first spread a little Just Chipotle Mayo.

Then place a slaw of your choice on top of this, I made a quick Southwestern slaw.

Then the beans on top of this.

Next I just quickly googled a recipe for pineapple salsa and threw that together with tomatoes, green chiles, a can of pineapple and the other ingredients in called for- there are so many different recipes on line you can use!

Finally on top is the fish, and lastly some guacamole.

On the side we had pre-made vegan fried portobellos that I just reheated.



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