Vegan Mexican Burgers for the Secretly Unhealthy Soul

The Veganaut and I have come to a good realization with our cooking skills: I am definitely the one that likes to cook with fake meats (“feats” as the Veganaut calls them) and the veganaut is a bit more of a purist, cooking delicious meals with amazing veggies or tofu. Like many areas of our lives it seems to make us the perfect compliment.

And as much as I love tacos and pizza, I think a good veggie burger can be made with just a little creativity. This recipe was one of my unhealthy nights where not only did I cook with a “feat”, but I tried to add a little creative Mexican twist to it, probably making it more unhealthy than usually desired.

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Northstar Inspired Vegan Beet Burgers

Welcome back vegan-ites to a heavenly burger recipe that will blow your socks off. This idea came to me originally after indulging in what many Mid-Westerns call “the best veggie burger ever”: a beet based veggie burger made by the Northstar Restaurant in Columbus, OH. I tried to recollect that juicy, delicious taste I enjoyed so many years ago to the best of my knowledge and have successfully recreated what Lilith and I are now calling the “best vegan burger in the crunchy-vegan household”.

photo 1

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