Potato Tacos!

The real winner tonight was the cashew cheese.

For both tacos, first I baked an entire baggy of mini yellow potatoes, diced ahead of time.

Then for taco #1: Fry together half the potatoes with a package of soyrizo and pre-thawed frozen corn.

For taco #2: the remaining potatoes fried with vegan beef, black beans, and a can of diced tomatoes. For this taco I mixed in some daiya mozzarella as well.

img_0887Like I said though, the key was the cashew cream.

For one of them I made a vegan chipotle aioli, which was a little too spicy, so I won’t post the recipe here.

But the other cashew cheese: I used this recipe which was SO SO SO good. http://beyondmeat.com/recipes/view/green-chile-nacho-cheese-sauce-by-treeselovehappiness



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