Vegan Tex Mex Quesadillas

I really need to consider opening a vegan quesadilla restaurant, I think it has become my specialty.


  • 1 package vegan soyrizoIMG_7222
  • margarine
  • 1 large russet potatoes, peeled and gratted
  • vegan pepperjack cheese
  • vegan jack cheese
  • diced red bell peppers

First fry up the soyrizo in a little olive oil and then set aside. Next fry the grated potato and set aside. Then assemble all your ingredients in bowls to start making quesadillas.

In tortillas assemble from bottom to top on one half:

jack cheese, then potatoes, then soyrizo, then peppers, then pepper jack cheese. Close and fry in the margarine on both sides until melted.

IMG_7221Top with avocados if you please!


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