Vegan Butternut Squash Pizzas

You know me, I love me a healthy pizza night. These two pizza recipes are actually a little weird in how I came to make them. There are certain veggies out there that I really don’t like but keep telling myself I should. One of them is butternut squash.


So when I was at the grocery store the other week and saw this unique local brand of IMG_5515pasta sauces, of which half had to be vegan, I bought the butternut squash one. And then it sat in my cupboard for at least a month. Finally, I looked on the back of the jar for recipe ideas, and they suggested using it in pizza. I figured, how good that go wrong? Pizza is always a winner for me. And it was, I liked both pizzas, though probably won’t make them again. 

Pizza #1:

Take one package of sliced portobella mushroom caps and fry in some minced garlic and margarine. Then take a package or two of broccolini and cut it in to two inch strips. Add to the skillet and add a layer of water to just coat the bottom and cook, stirring frequently, until all the water is evaporated. This will steam the broccolini and continue cooking the mushrooms. Then set aside. IMG_5512

Take your pizza dough and spread with a layer of butternut squash sauce, then small strips of Daiya swiss. Next top with the broccolini and shrooms, and then another light layer of day mozzarella.

Pizza #2:

Fry up some whole garlic chunks along with a bag of shredded brussels sprouts and 1 package seitan chunks in some olive oil.

Spread out your pizza dough, cover with the butter nut squash, then a thick layer of daiya mozzarella, and then these toppings on top. Lastly sprinkle a thinner layer of daiya on top of that.IMG_5514

Cook both pizzas at 425 for 12 minutes.

They were unique, and I liked them. I liked the broccolini pizza better and if I was to do anything differently I would roast the garlic chunks a while in the over first. Of course, I made these dishes and again wondered why I keep trying to cook with butternut squash. These meals were good and I finished both slices, but I kept thinking as I ate them that I wish it had a marinara base rather than the butternut squash sauce. It’s a lesson I will probably never learn. IMG_5517 IMG_5516


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