Vegan Picnic Part 1: Sandwiches

This past weekend was my first weekend off in over 3 weeks, so it was much needed. Went on a dachshund date with my dog, my boy the Veganaut, and a friend from up north who has two dachshunds herself. Brought lots of goodies to the beach for a picnic, including two new recipes that I will share with you today and tomorrow. Today we have vegan sub sandwiches!IMG_5530

I made two different sandwiches, an Italian one and more America, seitan one. IMG_5528

I preferred the Italian one but everyone else preferred the American one, though they were both tasty.

I bought some vegan Dutch crunch loaves at the store and split them in to sub roll sizes.

For the Italian- first take a block of tofu and slice it in to four 1-inch slabs. Boil these in water until they float to poach them. Then fry in some olive oil until browned on either side. IMG_5527

I smeared a homemade pesto on either side of the sub roll: basically I pureed 1 jar of sundried tomatoes, including the juices, with 3/4 cup of pine nuts for the pesto. On one side I also topped the pesto with sliced black olives. I put the tofu and a large heap of spinach in the middle.

For the American sandwich I fried some seitan slices in some olive oil first. On one side I put Daiya chive and garlic cream cheese. On the other side of the bread I put some Hampton Creek chipotle mayo. On top of the cream cheese I put a layer of pico salsa, then topped this with the seitan and another heaping of spinach. IMG_5531


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