A Vegan Pot Pie Competition Part 1

So a couple weeks ago the veganaut and I were talking about comfort foods and the discussion of pot pies came up. What ended up happening was we decided to have a cook-off where the two of us would create some pot pies and share them with our friends, as well as have them rank them (blindly) on whose was best! Of course we joked about what the winner would get as a prize from the loser, but quickly realized we both give each other everything we could ask for already (insert as many awws… as you would like here). So it ended up being a collaborative effort resulting in three recipes to share. I will share a recipe a day for the next three days and reveal who “won” the competition at the end!

 Today’s recipe is kind of the lamest as it is a repeat. Yup, I made a pot pie back in the

without the crust on it...

without the crust on it…

day (click on the link for the recipe) and it was super tasty, so I reused it! What did I change? A couple things: I used chicken strips from TJs instead of their beefless strips, and I added 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds as well as three chopped carrots. But otherwise the basic recipe is the same. And it results in a massive casserole dish with lots of leftovers. 🙂


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