Pizza Night! Two Recipes For The Price Of One Here!

My obsession with vegan pizza will never end, and having my brother and his fiance over the other night was the perfect excuse to try out two new pizza recipes! One was a modification of a prior recipe, a lime-cilantro beefless mexican pizza. The other was a super tasty Southwestern pizza. Continue on for both recipes!

Recipe #1: the lime-cilantro beefless mexican pizza

photo 1

I used one of those vegan frontera taco sauces, the lime cilantro one is my favorite photo 2
(be sure to read the ingredient list first, not all of them are vegan). I took a package of upton’s Chorizo seitan and fried it in a skillet with 1/2 a bag of frozen corn and one can of black beans. Once heated through I stirred in the sauce. Then I took a TJs pizza crust, rolled it out, and lined it with a thin layer of pizza sauce. Next was a layer of Daiya Pepperjack cheese. The whole thing was baked for 20 minutes at 425.

photo 3

the lime cilantro mixture


For the second pizza I bought some premade cornmeal vegan crusts from Whole Foods. They were slightly deep dish, and sort of half sized pizzas.

First I layered the pizza dough with pizza sauce. Then a layer of spinach. Next was a layer of sliced tomatoes. And on top of that was the southwestern mix.

To make the southwestern mix I heated up 1 photo 1can drained pinto beans, 1 can drained olives, 1 can drained green chiles, and the other 1/2 bag frozen corn in a skillet with some olive oil. Next I added TJs vegan taco mix and stirred that in. Once this was cooked and coated I poured it on top of the pizzas. Then I sliced some Teese mozzarella to go on top of that. The last part was an avocado sauce: I pureed together 1 container of vegan guacamole with one cup of cooked yellow quinoa. This was topped on top of the cheese. The whole thing was cooked for 15 minutes at 425. Even though the picture does not do it justice, it was a very healthy and tasty pizza, my favorite of the night!

photo 5


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