Revisiting Some Old Favorites

I have so many new recipes out there that I want to try that sometimes I forget to go back to some old favorites. Today I made one of my favorite dishes from long ago for The Veganaut, and it was just as good as the first time.

chili eaten

There were two parts to this dish:photo 1

1. the sweet and sour chili couscous casserole

2. asparagus rollsphoto 3



I have shared these recipes before on my older blog and by clicking on the title of the meal above you can go to that site for the recipe. I did make some small modifications.

For the casserole I had an extra bunch of mushrooms around, so I added the whole container of mushrooms. I also used vegan beef crumbles instead of tempeh. But otherwise the recipe was mostly the same, maybe a bit more brown sugar and chili powder in the end. Plus with the added mushrooms I needed to add more water while cooking the chili.

For the asparagus rolls it was the same recipe only I had very think asparagus stalks (the best kind!) so I tried to put 4-5 stalks per bread roll. photo 2


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