Vegan Mac and Cheese Nachos

Get ready folks, this recipe is going to blow you away!
And to boot it is super easy!

Basically you will want to arrange some blue tortilla chips spirally around a large plate. Then top this with a thick layer of spinach. Then make your favorite vegan mac and cheese recipe. There are so many out there, some using daiya, some with pre-mixed cheese sauces, some with cashew cheese. I have made probably over half a dozen different types but I found one that works well and now it is the only one I use. I used it most recently in my mac and cheese stuffed burritos. I used it again here, just not adding the green chiles or seitan like I did in the burritos recipe.

photo 5

Once your mac and cheese is made top the spinach chips with that, then sprinkle with sour cream, pico de gallo salsa, and some fresh avocados. So incredibly creamy and perfect. This is probably a great dish to make for superbowl or other parties if you want to tackle making a massive platter of it! There is enough mac and cheese in this recipe for that, I just used one big plate that the Veganaut and I shared.


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