A Tale of Two Pizzas

I had some tofutti ricotta in the house that was dying to get used up, so I found the perfect solution: vegan white pizza night!
I made two pizzas at once: a light summer squash pizza and a mushroom pizza.

For the summer squash pizza:

Mix 1/2 a container of tofutti cream cheese with 1/2 container of tofutti ricotta. Mince 1/2 a bushel of basil leaves and add this along with 2 TBsp lemon juice, 1 TBsp garlic, and 1 tsp lemon pepper to the cheesey sauce mixture. photo 1

Spread this over your pizza dough (I once again used TJs pre-made pizza dough).
Slice two summer squash into thin slices and spread all over the top of the sauce. Then sprinkle a bag of thawed sweet corn kernels on top of that. Lastly spread a bag of daiya mozzarella on top of this, sprinkled with vegan parmesan. Pizza #1 is assembled.

The next pizza I had a container of sliced white mushrooms that I fried up in some olive oil first.
For the white sauce I mixed the other 1/2 containers of cream cheese and ricotta up with no other additives. Spread this over your dough, then top with mushrooms. Like the last pizza, top with daiya mozzarella. Lastly sprinkle with italian seasoning and vegan parmesan.

Cook both pizzas at 500 for 10-12 minutes. photo 3

It worked out well: the Veganaut loved the squash pizza and I loved the mushroom pizza while we both were a little unimpressed with the other, so the leftovers were distributed accordingly!


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