A Breakfast Sandwich Full of Kale!

I am getting way to in to these breakfast sandwiches. This one was super tasty with a layer of tofu egg, vegan sausage, kale and pumpkin seeds, and an amazing vegan mayo based hot sauce.

I put mine on english muffins but you could substitute toast or bagels.

To make the tofu, use an extra firm block and slice in to thin layers. First boil in water until floating (about 15-20 minutes). Then fry in a skillet with earth balance margarine until browned. You can add a pinch of black salt to the margarine as it melts before putting the tofu.

For the sausage I made patties using Lightlife’s sausage tube and fried these in hazelnut oil.

I simultaneously wilted down an entire bag of chopped kale in hazelnut oil, adding 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds towards the end.

For the spread- whisk together 6 TBsp vegan mayo, 1 TBsp cayenne pepper powder, a dash of paprika, 2 TBsp lime juice, and 1/4 tsp salt. Spread this on both sides of the english muffin.

The layering goes: Tofu egg, then sausage, then a heaping of the kale mixture, and lastly avocado on top! I added a tiny bit of hot sauce, but this creamy spread is pretty hot too.

This was enough to make 6 breakfast sandwiches for the coming week, and there was one slice of tofu and a small amount of kale mixture left over to go with the creamy spread as a salad.


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