Vegan Mexican Burgers for the Secretly Unhealthy Soul

The Veganaut and I have come to a good realization with our cooking skills: I am definitely the one that likes to cook with fake meats (“feats” as the Veganaut calls them) and the veganaut is a bit more of a purist, cooking delicious meals with amazing veggies or tofu. Like many areas of our lives it seems to make us the perfect compliment.

And as much as I love tacos and pizza, I think a good veggie burger can be made with just a little creativity. This recipe was one of my unhealthy nights where not only did I cook with a “feat”, but I tried to add a little creative Mexican twist to it, probably making it more unhealthy than usually desired.

photo 1I used Gardein’s black bean chipotle burgers for my veggie burger. First I put some frozen fries in the oven according to the instructions. While these were baking I fried the gardein veggie patties in a small amount of olive oil. Once these were cooked I set them aside. I then cooked up one can of black beans and one can diced tomatoes, both drained and rinsed, in a small amount of olive oil. I added a dash of fajita seasoning. And in the last minute of cooking these I added 1 cup of vegan Daiya pepperjack cheese. 

About 4 minutes prior to when the fries were due to be done I took them out of the oven and placed the veggie patties on the same pan, with Daiya mozzarella on top. Then I put them back in the oven for the last 4 minutes.

The burgers I served with sliced avocado and The Veganaut’s amazing chipotle vegan mayo (which I sure he will share at some point). The fries I topped with the bean and tomato mixture, as well as some diced avocado and tofutti sour cream on the side. Super unhealthy yet deliciously tasteful.

photo 2


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