Northstar Inspired Vegan Beet Burgers

Welcome back vegan-ites to a heavenly burger recipe that will blow your socks off. This idea came to me originally after indulging in what many Mid-Westerns call “the best veggie burger ever”: a beet based veggie burger made by the Northstar Restaurant in Columbus, OH. I tried to recollect that juicy, delicious taste I enjoyed so many years ago to the best of my knowledge and have successfully recreated what Lilith and I are now calling the “best vegan burger in the crunchy-vegan household”.

photo 1

Searching online I stumbled across this recipe for The best-Ever Veggie Burgers. I will admit to sticking to the recipe almost entirely, but certainly there are some modifications we made to toppings, and ways that I would recommend improving the recipe in the future.


Firstly using the recipe exactly as posted leads to making 9 veggie patties, which is a lot for a household of two. Lilith and I have decided we will either half the recipe next time, or make the dish for a party and convert it in to sliders.


For toppings, the burger goes wonderfully with a combination of Daiya provolone, mixed greens, and avocado. While many burgers go great with some sort of sauce or ketchup, this combination had more than enough flavor on its own and did not need any additional sauces.


We also served it with fries and barbecue sauce on the side. And while we did not use any eggs for this vegan version of the recipe, in the future we will try some Veg (vegan egg) to see if we can get the burger to stick together a little bit better. Despite its tendency towards crumbling a bit, this recipe had both Lilith and I moaning with every bite.

photo 2


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