Introducing the Veganaut; And Vegan Breakfast Bliss

Welcome back veganizers. Today I want to introduce a new author you might be seeing on this site, and it seemed appropriate to do this introduction while showing some simple vegan breakfast meals since I can credit this new addition to the Crunchy Vegan website for having inspired me to make these dishes in the first place.

photo 1

That’s right, your favorite vegan geek has a partner in crime on the site now, and vegan cooking is really the perfect way to achieve domestic bliss in the household, right? I introduce to you “The Veganaut”, your crunchy girl’s favorite vegan chef of all time.

Now a lot of this website probably has pizza and taco and other veganized recipes, but it is the Veganaut that has gotten me back in the habit of eating a healthy, hearty morning vegan meal. I have complained in the past that breakfast is really the most difficult meal out there for a vegan, and maybe that is why I rarely eat a healthy breakfast. But the Veganaut and I are tackling the challenge together to try to bring you more breakfast recipes in the future.

Today I will bring you too simple ways to clean out your pantry and enjoy a filling breakfast that fuels your morning: variations on tofu scramble!

I had both leftover potatoes from some vegan home fries the Veganaut and I made earlier in the week, and leftover apple-flavored vegan sausage that I had purchased for taco night and not used. Add in a block of tofu that is a staple never missing from my fridge, and a bunch of tomatoes from a co-workers garden, and this first meal turned out to be a simple yet delicious breakfast scramble.

10570423_10100395142123828_905807915581656666_nI just chopped up all the veggies and sausage, as well as crumbled the tofu, and fried it in a little olive oil. It goes great with a little ketchup.

For the next breakfast scramble I realized I had an extra package of mushrooms that I had not used, so I fried this as well as a package of frozen spinach in a little olive oil, and then also added a package of crumbled firm tofu, 6 chopped tomatoes, and one package of vegan apple flavored salsa.


photo 2So get ready folks, the veganaut will be slamming in to this blog to share recipes alongside crunchy vegan here, and it is going to be amazing!




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