Garam Masala Indian Dish

This recipe was ok, but I am always a little disappointed with my attempts at making Indian food. It is never quite as good as I hoped , guess I just can’t do as well as the restaurant. But I will keep trying.

For this one I chopped up a block of tofu and soaked it in paper towels for awhile to get the extra water out. Then I dusted the cubes with 3 TBsp cornstarch in a container.

I fried the tofu in a little bit of canola oil and then removed. Then I fried some thinly sliced carrots and one chopped yellow onion in the canola oil. Finally I added 1 TBsp ginger, 2 TBsp garam masala, 1 can chopped tomatoes, 1 package frozen peas, and the tofu all back in to the wok, as well as a little bit (1/4 cup?) water. This was all cooked at medium heat for a bit and served over couscous. 

I wish it had been a little spicier. Next time I’ll add more spice.

photo 2


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