Vegan Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Stuffed Pizza

I love pizza, maybe a little too much. So here was a great pizza that I threw together out of nowhere and realized after the fact that it was like a great stuffed pizza, almost a deep dish unintentionally.

photo 1

I used my usual pre-made Trader Joe’s vegan pizza dough, this time the garlic one, rolled out on a cookie sheet.

For the pesto I blenderized together 1 jar of oil packed sundried tomatoes (with the oil), 2 TBsp nutritional yeast, 1/4 cup daiya mozzarella, 2 TBsp pine nuts, 1 TBsp garlic, 1 TBsp dried basil, and 1/8 of a cup of extra olive oil. This was then spread out over the dough.

Then in a pan with a tiny amount of oil I cooked up one bag of frozen spinach, adding in 1 package of seitan at the end. This I piled on top of the pizza. Lastly there was more daiya mozzarella on top.
All of this was cooked at 450 for 10 minutes. Super packed pizza!



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